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5 Benefits of Night Swimming

There's nothing more peaceful than relaxing in a warm pool while stargazing on a gorgeous night. Outdoors – or inside and near a window – Endless Pools can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Whether you want to do an hour-long swim or relax after a long day, an Endless Pool will be ready to go, even in the colder months. Endless Pools can be heated more quickly and efficiently than a traditional pool; the insulated cover options provide extra protection against heat-loss before and after a nightly swim.

Traditional swimming pools can be expensive and time-consuming to heat. Hot tubs can heat easily, but have more limited use. With an Endless Pool, you can get a compact, energy-efficient pool that has seats (and even jets) for relaxation, plus the adjustable current for a great swim or aquatic workout.

But why swim at night?

1. Less Sun Exposure

Getting out in the sun is important for a healthy life, but getting sunburned certainly isn’t. Even a "water-resistant" sunscreen will be decreasingly effective when you're be submerged in water (and the FDA no longer allows claims of their being "waterproof"). Swimming at night eliminates the need to protect yourself from those harmful UVA or UVB rays.

2. Make-up Exercises

Feeling especially exhausted after a long day? Or maybe you had one too many doughnuts at the office. You can tailor your aquatic workout to accomplish your goals specific to the day's events. No need to swim for an hour if you took an hour-long lunchtime walk. But if you remained sedentary during the day, your night swim could make up for it.

3. Busy Mornings

You may have a long commute or kids to get to school on time. For whatever reason, mornings can be rough. Just one unexpected issue, and your morning workout routine can be completely thrown off. Evenings are usually more adjustable and slow-paced.

4. The View

Nothing beats relaxing in a warm pool while gazing at a starry night. The hustle and bustle of the day is over, and now you have a chance to enjoy the world’s natural beauty. Maybe you can even catch a sunset with the adjustable swim current creating a calming wave pool. The view from your backyard will never look better!

5. Sleep More Deeply

Last, but certainly not least, swimming (or even just relaxing in the pool) can help you sleep better and fight insomnia. Swimming is unique in that it utilises all the major muscle groups, which tires the body more evenly and efficiently than other exercise routines.

Because swimming is a low-impact exercise, it doesn’t put stress on the muscles that can negatively affect sleeping patterns. If you like to keep your water warm, that can help even more by relaxing the muscles.

Easily installed indoors or outdoors, temperature-controlled Endless Pools are perfect for a nightly swim routine. Night swimming can turn your daily exercise routine into the highlight of every day.

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