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Chemical Free Swimming Pool?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to keep your pool gorgeous and sparklingly clean without the heavy use of chlorine, look no further—the answer is yes. Our ionization systems allow you to have a chemical free swimming pool with ongoing, nontoxic sanitization of your pool’s water. Read on to learn more!

Technology Proven By Centuries of Use

So how does this ionization system work? After being installed with your existing pool equipment, your pool’s water will filter through a chamber containing silver and copper electrodes, which release silver and copper ions into the water. As our research shows, silver and copper have been used throughout history for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, and are still used today in this regard. Both silver and copper ions play a crucial part in enabling a chemical free swimming pool that is free of common contaminants like algae and e. coli, as well as sweat, oils, and substances like suntan lotion from the body.

Improved Filtration

With our technology, the ions remain in the water for an extended period of time until they attack and bond to the cells of bacteria, viruses, and algae. Without these ions, these pesky cells can slip by your pool’s filtration system because they are simply too small. Once the ions bond with these cells, however, they become large enough to be caught in your pool’s filtration system. With our included test kit, you’ll be able to track the ions in the water in order to consistently maintain the proper levels for optimal sanitization.

Swim Without the Side Effects

You’ve likely experienced the post pool effects of chlorine. Red eyes, a sore throat, dry skin, and brittle hair. You might even run the risk of a bleached and faded bathing suit. Have you considering the effect that bathing in chemicals has on your body, and your family’s bodies? While chlorine keeps certain bacteria out of your pool, you have to wonder the cost at which these benefits are coming to you, as the chemical is absorbed through your skin, and extended contact can potentially cause health problems. With a chemical free swimming pool, you’ll be able to swim without these side effects in crystal clear, odorless water, while still having complete confidence about the elimination of harmful bacteria from your pool.

Even without using large amounts of chlorine, you can still feel confident that your pool is at an optimal level of cleanliness and safety. Here at Clearwater Pool Systems, we offer a range of products to help you easily transition on your way to a cleaner, safer, chemical free swimming pool.

Ready to make the switch to a chemical free swimming pool? Check out our products and find more information about our amazing ionization system at Clearwater Pool Systems.

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