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Ironman at 71 years old?

At 71, a First-Time Ironman Still Learning to Swim

"To be honest, I didn't think it was possible," admits 71-year-old Peter Lowman about his attitude before he completed the grueling 140.6-mile IRONMAN™ triathlon. He had good reason too: He had never run a marathon and "my swimming was pretty poor." He managed the run by interspersing walking and rest periods. He planned for the swim by training in the Original Endless Pool® in his garden. Learning to Swim Though he learned the basics of the front crawl as a child, "It wasn't really until I got into triathlon that I got into swimming." The turnaround came when he began working with Master Coach Tracey Baumann, who introduced him to two game-changers: Total Immersion swimming techniques and open-water swim training in her Endless Pool. In the winter of 2010-11, Peter installed his own Original Endless Pool, installed partially in-ground for easy access and indoor for year-round use.

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