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Swimming Tips with Pete Jacobs

How did Pete Jacobs become the 2012 IRONMAN® World Champion? Partly by achieving the third fastest swim split in the event’s history! In this video, he swims against the Endless Pools Fastlane® in his home pool to show us how it’s done.

Like all world-class athletes, Pete knows that being the best is not the same as being perfect. He employs slow motion and freeze frames to document his stroke’s flaws, mostly with hand entry and arm position.

Helpfully, he also points out what he’s doing right. Watch him detail the efficiency of his body alignment, for instance.

Think of this video as a four-minute master class in open water swimming. Enjoy!

The Fastlane swim-current generator installs easily in new or existing pools. As with all Endless Pools swimming machines, the Fastlane lets you adjust the current to perfectly suit your stroke. Whether you're an Ironman triathlete or just learning to swim, the Fastlane's fully adjustable current can match your ability now and give you room to grow.

You’ll also see Pete testing his new blueseventy® Helix wetsuit; the 2016 design features shorter legs for quicker transitions.

In sharing this video, Pete writes, “Let me know what else you struggle with, and I'll post more specific vids.” So subscribe to his YouTube channel; it’s not everyday that a professional triathlete offers you a free lesson!

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