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Teen Vlogger Gives Two Thumbs-Up to her SwimLabs Session

While a lot of kids video their gaming sessions and their kittens, Lindsey, the teen vlogger who posts to YouTube as SwimLifeGuru, publishes challenging swim drills and gear reviews. In her latest video, she documents her trip to SwimLabs in Issaquah, Wash., to use the Endless Pools® Elite pool for real-time stroke analysis.

By watching SwimLabs' underwater video feed, coach Chris Chalmers, a former Olympic freestyle swimmer, quickly identified her wide left-arm stroke. Lindsey could then watch her stroke in real time, using Endless Pools' underwater mirrors, to help correct it.

At top speed, the Elite Endless Pools current adjusts to a challenging 0:51/100-yard pace. For instructional purposes, Chalmers takes it a bit more slowly to allow her to focus and fine-tune her stroke.

Lindsey's final assessment: a "Yay!" with two thumbs up. Watch her in action here:

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