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This power couple chooses Endless Pools for their wine country getaway

When designer Martin Kobus and his partner Chris Bergin purchased a rustic vineyard in Healdsburg, California, the living space wasn’t much more than a shed. From those simple beginnings, Martin was inspired to create a stunning modern home featuring many of his designs, including carpets, flooring, and furniture.

At their design firm, Kobus Interiors, Martin handles most of the design work, while Chris is responsible for the styling and finishing work on their projects.

Martin explained his vision for the vineyard property, "I created this steel house to showcase my work, my designs, and my products to the industry. We show this to developers, designers, architects, landscape designers. This is a tool for me to show what we're all about, what our design aesthetics are, and what you can do with small spaces."


When Chris and Martin first settled into their new space, they knew something was missing. Martin includes a water feature in most of his projects because he likes the calm that water brings. A swimming pool would provide that ambiance to the vineyard retreat while also serving as a place to exercise and entertain.

The couple wanted a pool that offered easy installation that could be incorporated into the relatively small space close to the house. Not surprisingly, they were also looking for big design impact – something that was visually pleasing and would accent their clean, modern aesthetic.

While searching online for a solution that met their requirements, it didn’t take long for the couple to come across the Endless Pools website. Martin shared how from there, everything seemed to fall into place.

"When I approached Endless Pools through the website the response was great. They answered all our questions and were extremely helpful with the details. We were referred to an installer, and they came out and looked at the property. They knew exactly what to do and everything went smoothly from beginning to end."


Growing up with six siblings who all swam competitively, Chris Bergen held state records in swimming and was a state diving champion. He had never used an exercise pool before owning his Performance Pool, but it didn’t take long for him to become a big fan!

Chris shared how his pool makes it easy to keep up with his challenging workout routine. “The idea of having an exercise pool on the property was very appealing. Growing up, I was a fish – I swam all the time. This pool gives me the opportunity to feel like I’m swimming in a race... when the current is up there, it’s challenging and it’s a great workout. I’ve never been a runner because I don’t like the pounding of the pavement."

Chris says, "Swimming is the best full-body workout because you use every muscle in the body when you’re swimming against the current. It’s there for you whenever you want it. You can do your workout any time of the day or night, it’s just that convenient.”

Chris was pleasantly surprised at how easy the pool is to care for. “Our Endless Pools Performance Model doesn’t need much maintenance, it’s a simple, easy way to have a great pool.”


The Sonoma County home serves as a quiet retreat where Chris, Martin, and their two dogs can take a break from their busy Bay Area lifestyle to relax, unwind, and entertain friends.

The couple have created an outdoor space, nestled among the vineyards, where they can spend quiet time together or invite friends to hang out and enjoy a glass of the Kobus Estates Pinot Noir made from grapes grown on the property.

heir pool is a stylish accent that adds fun and functionality to the space. In a relatively small space, versatility is always a valued commodity. “With the Endless Pools, you have a big opportunity to do a lot of things. Have a gentle workout, take a dip, or have friends over and let everyone enjoy lounging around,” Martin shared.


In addition to being a quiet haven for Chris and Martin, the property serves as a functional showroom where clients, developers, designers, architects, and landscape designers can immerse themselves in the aesthetic of Kobus Interiors.

The pool is ideal for clients where limited outdoor space is a common problem. Martin is always in search of unique ways to create ambiance in small spaces and create a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Martin explains how his Performance Pool and surrounding deck get a lot of attention from visitors.

“When I bring my clients to the property, people are drawn to the pool. Then when we show them what you can actually do with this pool, they are blown away! Construction of a large pool can be pretty intense, but with Endless Pools, installation is much easier. It can be installed in-ground, with a deck and it blends with our aesthetic.”

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