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Torso Rotations

This is a core focused exercise called Torso Rotations. To perform this exercise, you will only need resistance bands. Begin by facing one side of the pool with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, knees are slightly bent, hips are pressed back, and the chest is slightly forward creating a nice long spine. Hold one resistance band in both hands with arms extended away from the body. Make sure that you are far enough away from the anchors so there is no slack in the resistance bands. Begin the exercise by pulling the resistance band away towards the side of the pool. The resistance band should remain at the surface of the water at all times and arms remain fully extended. Rotate as far as you can possibly go and then return back to starting position. For beginners, start with a slow tempo and the Pace set at a low flow. The faster you go and the higher the flow from the swim current, the greater the demand on the working muscles. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds and recover for 15 to 20 seconds, or longer if needed. Then repeat the same sequence of movements on the other side. Perform a total of 3 to 4 rounds for optimal results.

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