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Zen and the Art of Triathlon

A 13-time IRONMAN and former lifeguard, Brett knows swimming. He's proud to be the first Texan to swim the 22-mile length of Lake Tahoe; that's one mile longer than the English Channel and at a 6,300-feet elevation! His informed questions (and some he crowdsourced from Twitter) made for a lucid, in-depth discussion with Endless Pools Design Representatives and long-time triathletes Mark Lutz and Adam Alper.

Brett has swam in Endless Pools multiple times and has personally experienced their "super-cool" benefits for endurance training and stroke correction. He was particularly impacted by the "always awesome" swim mirrors that provide unique feedback opportunities.

"The time I swam in it for an hour by myself with a mirror at the bottom -- I think that changed my stroke forever, because you can just work and work and work on a better technique."

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